Long Term Effects Of Stress Cause Physiological Changes

Long term effects of stress can have a devastating effect on a person’s health so if a person is going to be subject to long term stress due to their particular circumstances then they most definitely need to find strategies for managing and controlling their reaction to those particular stress causing circumstances.

Physiological Long Term Effects Of Stress

Although our bodies are very resilient, continued long term effects of stress will start taking a physical toll on our bodies.

Long term effects of stress may show in the form of:
. Nervous reactions such as jumping at a phone call or a know on the door
. Hand shaking all the time due to nerves
. Heart palpitations
. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
. Headaches
. Putting on weight
. High cholesterol
. Muscle cramps
. Stiff neck or other joints
. Slow repair of injury
. Heart attacks
. Cancer

You can see by reading this list that the body is not built to withstand long term effects of stress and when it does it starts breaking down in many areas. The heart is a major cause of a number of the problems above as the flow of good blood throughout the body is essential for a healthy body.

Long Term Effects Of Stress Affects Appearance

Other long term effects of stress show in the outer body as well, and although they are not health problems none of us like to look older than we need to.

Here are some of the signs of aging that could occur from long term effects of stress:

. Graying of the hair
. Limp, dull hair
. More wrinkles and fine lines on the face and other parts of the body as the skin loses elasticity due to stress
. Scrunching of the eyes due to headaches
. Dry and even scaly skin

You can see that taking control of stress situations will help with the long term effects of stress in your life.

I really hoped you enjoyed reading Long Term Effects Of Stress Causes Physiological Changes.

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