What You Should Expect in a World Class Attraction Marketing System

Network marketers who want to take their home based business to the next level often turn to the concepts of attraction marketing to help them make the leap. Attraction marketing isn’t a new concept – it’s been around as long as people have been selling things to each other. But if you think that means attraction marketing is old hat, you’ve missed the last 15 years or so of technological development. Once upon a time, your typical network marketer reached out to acquaintances, then to acquaintances of acquaintances, then to their acquaintances and so on and so forth. The tools of the trade included business cards – lots and lots and lots of business cards – classified ads, articles in industry magazines and joining every club and organization imaginable to widen your circle of contacts and influence.

The Internet opened up a whole new frontier for network marketers – and handed them an ever-increasing set of tools they could use to leverage their attraction marketing techniques. Long-time small business entrepreneurs went from business cards and handshakes to blogs, Facebook, article sites, email lists, Twitter and – who knows what new networking tool will hit the web next?

The problem is that all of these tools have a steep learning curve. You need to understand how to use them effectively – and it’s not always easy to figure that out on your own. You could spend months of trial and error figuring out what works and what doesn’t for each method of contacting and connecting with prospects. That’s why an attraction marketing system is so vital to your success. The right system can make the difference between doing okay and launching your home based business into the stratosphere.

So how do you choose the right attraction marketing system? As with anything else, you have to take a look at the features and advantages offered by each system and decide which one works best for you. These days, My Lead System PRO is the #1 attraction marketing system for network marketers, and when you take a look at what the system offers, you’ll understand why. Here’s a short list of just some of the features and benefits you should get in any lead generation and attraction marketing system:

A Complete Marketing System That’s Ready to use Right out of the Box

Ready-made, customizable web pages and capture pages to funnel leads to your Inbox

Ongoing, intensive marketing boot camp to teach you how to prospect and close sales

Step by step instructions on finding the right keywords and using them to generate leads

Article marketing templates and tips to help you establish yourself as an expert

How-Tos for making money on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites

Exclusive webinars and training on selling, marketing and explosive success strategies

In addition, you should have access to tracking tools, hosting services for your audio and video presentations, campaign tracking software, lead tracking system, auto responders, templates – everything you need to succeed as a network marketer online and offline. The right attraction marketing system will give you all of that and more. If you’re ready to start making serious money online, check out the #1 attraction marketing system on the market and see what it can do for you.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the world’s MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.

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