Payday Loan Lenders Not Brokers

The above query is a familiar one to me and many other lenders, the reasoning behind this frankly baffle’s me. The payday loan industry is run as a tier system; you have the lenders, people that want to borrow money (say ?100 loan) and brokers that introduce those borrowers to the lenders. Without brokers the lenders wouldn’t be introduced to the customers, this is a funny one actually as thinking about it without brokers then the lenders would be the only sites showing up in the search engines and hence would take all the customers anyway – so I’ve sort of negated my point.

To put it simply when you apply for a loan with a good broker like us, your application will be sent to every available lender in the UK, you are in fact applying to every lender in the UK, you are just doing it through a middle man and a huge benefit being that you only have to fill out the form once. If you were to go to every lender this would take you a whole day and you’d probably not find them all – fact.

So why do people always ask us here at the premier online payday company Simple Payday for new lenders?
I have no idea. There are no illustrious new lenders that you haven’t found, if you apply with Simple Payday you have found them all, congratulations. Do you know that there are 24 lenders in the UK, shhhhh don’t tell anyone this is classified. Perhaps in the future there will be more, in fact I know there will, there has been a massive increase in the last year and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. So when you apply for an online payday loan with us you will have a choice between 24. If you aren’t successful apologies you have exhausted your payday lending resources, if there is a new lender we will be the first to hear and they will be incorporated into our application page, so keep trying if you really want a payday loan and you will get an acceptance when we have a new lender.

There are differences with the lenders and this pretty much amounts to the fact that some are easier to be approved for. This is where I feel that the original query of ‘I need a lender and not a broker’ comes from. People get refused by a lender like Wonga for example, who are extremely hard to be approved for, get refused and feel like there is no choice, and yes before you ask Wonga is a lender that Simple Payday have incorporated into our online application.

The only advice I can give you is that after you apply for a loan with us make sure you check your email, and junk folder, for emails from the lenders; this will be where you are advised on how much you can borrow, failure to do this may mean you miss out on your loan. Application for a payday loan online doesn’t have to be hard, we will introduce you to every lender in the UK, and you simply have to fill out the ‘apply now’ page once.

So stop looking for new lenders, they are all here under one roof, sit back and chill, stop wasting your time and more than likely your boss’s time searching online for mythical lenders. With us its 5-minutes, sit back and get your cash in 1-hour – easy huh. Stop stressing and start the form now, you will have your cash and be assured that you have been introduced to the whole lending world of payday loans in the UK.

We offer the complete service, any questions pop them below in the comment box, don’t be shy, use a fake name if you want. Warning do not make mistakes with your details when applying, crucially your email address or this could result in you missing your loan agreement confirmation. So a mixed message there for the end of part 2 of the truth about online payday loans, lie about your name when commenting on pieces that you have read but do not, under any circumstances, put wrong details in the application form – you won’t be approved and if your contact details are slightly wrong you could miss your loan agreement from one of our online payday loan lenders.

payday loan providers not brokers

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