Different Baby Strollers On The Market Today

Choosing the right pushchair for your baby can be a bit of a daunting task as there are several different kinds available. When looking for the right one for your baby, you should consider your baby’s age and the safety and comfort the product can offer to your young one. Here are some types of baby strollers that you will find currently on the market.

Umbrella Strollers

These are small pushchairs that are very light and easy to carry around. An umbrella stroller is very simple, compact and easily stored when not in use. Umbrella strollers can have a vinyl or cloth seat with a waist belt. Most of them also have swivel wheels so that you can easily maneuver it. Umbrella pushchairs are recommended for babies 6 months or older as kids of this age can already sit up without support.

Having an umbrella stroller comes with a lot of benefits. Since it is compact, you can easily take this pushchair with you on short journeys and use it even in crowded areas. It is also very affordable. While an umbrella stroller can be really convenient for parents to carry, this kind of pushchair should not be used for newborns as it doesn’t recline. There is also limited storage space for your baby’s things and shopping. Umbrella strollers are also not that durable compared with other types of strollers. If you like to take your baby with you when you take a brisk walk or jog, you might want to consider getting another type of pushchair.

Lightweight Pushchairs

Lightweight pushchairs can be called a hybrid of umbrella strollers. They are a bit larger than them and a somewhat sturdier too. Some of the baby carriages of this type come with additional features.

Lightweight baby buggies are more comfortable for your baby and more practical to use than your ordinary umbrella stroller. Like them, this kind of baby buggy is also not suitable for running or jogging.

Stroller Travel System

This kind of baby buggy is very convenient for parents of a newborn. A travel system comes with an infant car seat that you can attach and detach from the main frame. A removable seat is a very good feature as it allows you to transfer your baby to the pushchair without disturbing your infant’s sleep.

Baby strollers offer different features for your infant. Look around carefully and choose one that will give the best comfort and highest safety for your baby.

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