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singer colter

singer colter Jessi Colter singer colter (born Miriam Johnson May 25, 1943)[1] is an National country music designer who is best known for her venture with her husband, country singer as well as songwriter Waylon Jennings and for her 1975 country-pop crossover hit “I’m Certainly not Lisa”. Jessi Colter singer colter was mostly of the [...]

The World Is To End In 2012 – A Prediction By Nostradamus

This topic appears to be hot and center of all conversations where ever you go. Nostradamus was a pharmacist besides being a healer and he was born in France. As time passed by his interest in occult sciences became more intense. When he began writing almanacs, and practicing psychic advises along with interpreting horoscopes his [...]

The Reasoning Of The Mayan Calendar Prediction About The End Of The World In 2012

What is he real truth, no one knows, even though a lot of people make all claims to predict future and tell about past There has been a lot of debate going around which talks about Mayan calendar, off late. This calendar has become a matter of discussion among many scholars who interpret it dates [...]

Nazca Lines And End Of The World 2012

Many predictions like Mayan Calendar, sun storm, super volcano, atom smasher are now threatening people about the end of world. Added with these predictions, nazca lines are now raising a new question about end of world Tribes who lived between 200BC and 600AD have created these Nazca lines. In the landscape of Peru, these lines [...]