Business Plan for Business – Online Marketing Strategy 101

Nothing occurs in business until a person sells something to somebody else. It is that simple. Unfortunately, the whole process of setting it up to take place is far from simple. Why? It is called marketing and without marketing the engine of small business grinds to a halt.

What the heck is marketing? To put it simply, it is the right product, at the right place, at the right price and at the right time.

Now let’s take a look at those four things more closely.

Right Product. If you have identified a ‘hole’ in the market then congratulations. If there’s no hole, create one by providing something that is somewhat different from the competition. You won’t win when you’re “no better or worse than everybody else.”

Right Place. If you’ve got a single product or service you must identify an area where you can carry out the best business selling it. Do not be scared to move away from your immediate area to capture the market share in order to place you in front of your target audience.

Right Price. The price needs to be best for either side. The customer has to be able to see the value and you have to be able to make a profit. The lowest price doesn’t always win and as a matter of fact hardly ever wins. Price according to the market and stick by your guns. Add value to the product rather than drop the purchase price.

Right Time. From time to time there is a very small strategic window. He or she who hesitates is lost. You have to be in a position to take appropriate steps swiftly and take advantage of favorable market conditions. If there’s a “hole” in the market and you don’t fill it when you can, be assured that someone else will.

Step 1 in your marketing plan is identifying and being aware of what your customers want from you. You have to see everything that you do from your customer’s point of view.
Do your consumer research.

Ask your possible suppliers or sales reps what they think. Their knowledge will allow you to understand what your best customers are already buying.

Find out what is going on in the industry that you would like to open. Phone the local economic development branch to stay in touch with developing trends in the marketplace. Gathering this information will be vital to you when starting up your business since it is specific and current.

Your online marketing strategy is definitely a vey important part of your business plan moving forward or the make-or-break of any business survival. Getting it right at the start is definitely the foundation to your small business success. Knowing what your potential customers want to buy from you.

Don’t believe that the ‘same old’ is going to work anymore. It won’t I guarantee. Be innovative and win the marketing game. You have an imagination and you have money. You have a greater imagination than bank account so utilize it.

I am a small business expert. There is a process to opening a small company successfully. Let me customize a business plan which will match your concept and spending budget. Having Paul as your business advisor/coach will save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of stress and time as well. Wouldn’t you want to know BEFORE you spend your money whether you should spend your money?

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