Why Blind Embossing Can Enhance Printed Materials

When everyone is having materials printed, both for company and personal use, the worst thing you will need is for your resources to look exactly like everyone else’s. So what exactly are you able to do to stay ahead of the crowd and enhance your printed material? Techniques including blind embossing may make an image stand out from a page. A raised area is made using a die and this image may then be felt as well as seen, giving your materials both a visual and tactile appeal.

There are various various ways to generate this embossed effect and printers will have to consider how large the embossed area has to be and how intricate the design is, they’ll also have to think about what paper or material will be used. This will all have an impact on how the blind embossing effect is achieved and they will have to specify this procedure when they obtain the artwork so that the client can be guaranteed of the price from the onset.

Another technique that may help make your materials stand out from everyone else is hot foil stamping. This signifies the technique used to apply pigment or gold or silver foil to materials like paper. When utilized in in addition to the aforementioned embossing procedure an extremely noticeable raised, silver or gold area can be produced to genuinely catch the attention.

Hot foil stamping can add to the quality of the message you are trying to put across because it effectively highlights an element of the wording or image so that this can be a very first thing that catches someone’s eye. It can be really effective in business within an advertising and marketing campaign. The embossed and foiled area adds extra height and elevates the presentation, in essence giving more credibility as to what you are hoping to convey.

There are particular printing companies that focus on techniques like embossing and foil stamping so if there’s something in particular you’ll need, even if you cannot envisage how it would be possible, they are the best people to speak to regarding your requirements.

To discover more about techniques such as blind embossing why not stop by The Gold Printer website and find out more about the products they create using hot foil stamping.

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