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Water is brought to land through any of a variety of artificial means

There are several methods used for irrigating farmland, and each one needs an experienced farmer to know exactly how much water to use and when to use it. One of these is surface irrigation, where the farmer disperses water over the land by either flooding it or running it down lanes in the field called [...]

Example of a rotating shift schedule

One advantage to a rotating shift schedule is that it can provide people with opportunities to do errands, spend time with friends and family, and engage in other activities that might be challenging on a fixed shift. For example, someone who works nights all the time on a fixed shift would not be very active [...]

Process of preparing bills of entry

Many nations have specific laws about how bills of entry should be formatted and presented. It is important to have accurate documentation, or goods can be held up in customs. This can cause an inconvenience in some cases, and spoilage or destruction of the goods in others; a shipment of fruit, for example, will not [...]

Documents for the audited financial statements

Once in a great while, an accountant does not feel free to render an opinion. This may mean that the records supplied were insufficient to prepare proper audited financial statements, or that there were a number of issues that would have to be addressed before the accountant would be able to evaluate the accuracy of [...]

Multinational corporation is the positioning

The idea of a multinational corporation has been around for centuries. Some trace the origins of the concept back to the Dutch East India Company of the 17th century, as the corporate structure involved a presence in more than one country. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the idea of a company that functioned in [...]

Book be made into a film

Instead of contracting for royalties, the band decided to publish their first and second videos on the site, YouTube. This gave access for all to the band’s videos, and to free downloads. The result was extreme popularity of the band and increased record sales. Occasionally, the decision to produce something royalty-free may actually result in [...]

Clerk should attach a special note

There are times when a valuable piece of mail must absolutely, positively reach its destination without the risk of theft, loss or damage during the delivery process. Postal customers who need to mail expensive jewelry, sensitive documents or irreplaceable antiques can pay a surcharge and send the items as registered mail. Registered mail is handled [...]

Particular sectors of the job market

A staffing agency also usually focuses on providing either personnel for a short time or permanent placement. The short term personnel support is ideal for companies that may need some extra help for a three to six month period, while permanent placement staffing is a great way to find the right people without the company [...]

Australian Council of Professions

Professional development is often a key feature of professions. Those within a specific profession usually don’t just complete the initial education and credentials, but typically must renew licensing or take updating courses. Professional associations to which many people in a certain profession belong, typically set standards as well as guidelines for refresher courses and other [...]

Company operates directly

System sales is a calculation of total funds brought in by a franchise during a given accounting period, usually a year. This includes the total for all products and services sold under the branding of the franchise over the course of the accounting period. The actual revenue of the franchise is lower than the system [...]

Prevent a country slipping into chaos

A budget crisis occurs when different branches of a government are unable to reach agreement on establishing a government budget. As a non-profit entity, a government typically strives to have a balanced budget, which means that it aims to generate enough revenue to cover its expenses. A budget crisis often occurs when government expenses increase [...]

Evaluation techniques allow companies

Practical exams may focus more on employees rather than programs or projects. The exam may be a test on an employee’s knowledge or on compliance issues relating to a project. The purpose here is to demonstrate that all employees engaged in a business activity can meet the goal of evaluation techniques. These exams may or [...]

Developed countries in the world operate

In a mixed economy, the government is likely to be heavily involved with infrastructure development in a region. This could include the construction of public schools, highways, and local roads. A government is likely to use proceeds from the taxes charged to a country’s citizens in order to finance such development. When public agency budgets [...]

Law enforcement and military service

In the military, the issue of the brass ceiling is complicated by the refusal to allow women in certain combat roles. This sometimes means that women do not have the same chances to show that they excel, which may prevent them from rising in the ranks as quickly as they could. A number of rationales [...]

Develops negative corporate attitudes and culture

Above and beyond organizational and procedural factors, corporate culture is further informed by the attitude of everyone involved with the organization. When executives, managers, and rank and file employees are all on the same page as far as basic corporate values, it becomes possible to have general agreement on the relationships that must be in [...]

Parts of a criminal investigation

A controversial investigation method sometimes employed in the US is the use of informants. Many people disagree with this practice because these individuals are generally criminals who are looking to get out of trouble or to reduce their punishments. It is therefore argued that they can be influenced to say or do whatever will please [...]

Work to create a strong resume

A good resume contains basic information about the applicant, organized in a way which is easy for the reader to comprehend. Clear contact information is usually at the top, followed by work experience, educational achievements, a list of skills, relevant certifications or awards, and contact information for references, though not necessarily in this order. The [...]

Fact that wholesale price for goods

Part of the reason that manufacturers of goods or growers can offer wholesale prices is because they sell their goods in bulk. A grocery store doesn’t buy just one tomato from a farmer; it buys several tons of tomatoes. This way the farmer, though selling the goods at a lower price than what they would [...]

World’s most powerful nations

The Bretton Woods system was a set of economic agreements between many of the world’s most powerful nations. It went into effect at the end of the Second World War and lasted until the first years of the 1970s, when it was largely abandoned by participating nations. Generally, the Bretton Woods system entailed fixed exchange [...]

Multiple agencies to obtain special prices

Using government purchases as an economic tool is a basic of Keynesian economics, in which the process of stimulating demand for certain products can aid in offsetting lower consumer demand and keep selected industries functioning at acceptable levels until that demand increases once again. Over the long term, this has the effect of slowing the [...]