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Mistake of securing a new customer

Next, quality efforts in client servicing involve maintaining regular contact with the customer. Often, vendors choose to schedule these contacts to suit their own goals, rather than consider the needs of the customer. Simply put, it does not matter if the vendor likes to speak with each customer once a week. If a client finds [...]

Adrivers can put a company at a disadvantage

Companies with clearly identified objectives can also find their business drivers, the factors that shape and achieve those objectives. They can also rank drivers by level of influence, which may help them find groups that slip through the cracks. For example, a little-known department might actually play a key role in delivering a company’s product [...]

Different parts of the world.

A company may utilize BPO due to cost considerations, or simply because they do not have the expertise to deal with certain aspects of business. Many companies have come under criticism for using BPO to cut costs, especially in regards to call centers. Companies in western countries, particularly the United States, are finding that countries [...]

Competitive intelligence strategy

Competitive intelligence strategy may also encompass large groups of competitors so that an organization can determine patterns of activity in the industry. This may include methods of marketing during slow and busy periods. It may also encompass the way the companies manage events that are significant in the industry or overall economy or how each [...]

Refuse to sign anything if an employer fires

Some employers, if they recognize the reason you quit as valid, won’t fight you when it comes to receiving unemployment. Others may choose to state you are not eligible for unemployment benefits because you quit. Generally, when there is disagreement between the employer and employee over whether the employee is eligible for unemployment benefits, this [...]

Connection with an exotic locale

There is a reason why the hero was drinking Pepsi, the bad guys were driving a Federal Express truck and the crash scene was a Starbucks coffee shop. That reason is called product placement, and it is more prevalent than one might suspect. Product placement is an advertising technique in which companies pay a fee [...]

Hired to help improve workplace performance

Most companies rely heavily on their employees to get day to day work done. The office worker, the janitor, the floor supervisor, and even the cafeteria employees can all be a major factor in how good the company is and how efficiently it runs. It is important to listen carefully to employee feedback to improve [...]

Taxpayers are happy to pay taxes to contribute to a state

Though unconfirmed, many people trace the use of daylight robbery as idiom to 17th century English laws that imposed a tax on windows in most residences. There was a per window charge, and since windows were most likely to be present in higher numbers in homes of the wealthy, the tax appeared to unfairly target [...]

Trade agreements smooth the way for trading

Things like import and export taxes, tariffs, inspection regulations, and quotas can all be part of a nation’s trade policy. Some nations attempt to protect their local industries with trade policies which place a heavy burden on importers, allowing domestic producers of goods and services to get ahead in the market with lower prices or [...]

Interwoven through a feature without the reader

It is very important to have magazine advertising in place before a new publication is placed on the market. At the beginning, the revenue from ads can pay for staff wages and help with the start up costs. Not only that, but the right type of advertisement placed through a magazine can also boost the [...]

Beneficial to certain types of business

While many people in the United States choose to incorporate in their own state–small businesses especially–some states have corporate charters that are particularly beneficial to certain types of business. Nevada, for example, does not require ownership records that attach names, making it ideal for corporations interested in protecting the private identities of their owners. A [...]

Commonly used for residential properties

A triple net lease can be risky for a landlord. Some tenants may not be able to pay fees, or may allow the building to fall into disrepair. In extreme cases, a tenant may deliberately damage a building to collect insurance money. For this reason, some triple net leases include a reserve fund. The tenant [...]

Construction manager or supervisor

Subcontracting, while prevalent in the construction industry, is also used in a number of other industries. For example, with trucking companies, there may be a time when a specific type of truck needs to be used or there simply are not enough drivers to cover all the routes. In this case, a subcontractor may be [...]